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Costa Rica has been an emerging market for years. But now, more than ever, the timing is right for investment. To date, dozens of major corporations have built state of the art facilities here, like Intel, Cibertec, Hewlet Packard, Conair, Amazon, Xerox, Hitachi, Priceco, Four Seasons, Marriott to name a few. This is the result of well planned growth and a continually upgraded infrastructure in all areas of the country while leaving intact and protecting, that which makes this country such a wonderful place to live… like the diverse ecology and loving disposition of the Costa Rican people.

The Word Is Out!

The foreign community has steadily increased over the last few decades in Costa Rica, and perhaps the questions that should be asked is, "what do they know, that I should know?" There are a hundred reasons why people relocated to Costa Rica, and the list varies depending on the individual, But here are the top 10:

  • A stable and peaceful democracy for almost 200 years
  • Quality, affordable medical and dental care
  • English is the second language, spoken by over half of the population
  • Overall quality of life with a low crime rate
  • Tax advantages enjoyed by foreign residents
  • Climate with an average temperature 25C-78F year round
  • Beautiful and affordable real estate
  • Incredibly low real estate taxes (1/4 of 1%)
  • Quality education system with a 94% literacy rate that's among the highest in the world
  • Rich culture and friendliness of the Costa Rican people
  • Bountiful business opportunities

About Costa Rica

In 1502, on his 4th voyage to the New world, Columbus landed in what is now Puerto Limon, a bustling beach and port town on the southern Caribbean coast. It was then that he named it Costa Rica, meaning "Rich Coast". Some say he chose the name because of the natural beauty he found there, while others say it was because he heard rumors of gold. It was quickly discovered that there was comparatively little gold, so it's clearly the later reason. Since then, the natural beauty of Costa Rica has been attracting settlers from all over the world. Today is no exception.

A Proud People

For nearly 55 years, Costa Ricans have lived under a constitution that prohibits the establishment of an army, and holds free, democratic elections every four years, a right and privilege not lost on it's citizens. In fact, there was over 90% voter turnout in a recent presidential election. In recognition of Costa Rica's achievement in the fields of peace and social services as well as its efforts for peace in Central America, Costa Rican President, Oscar Arias, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 1987.


The social healthcare system is recognized as the best in Latin America and though the facilities are not that of what you might expect in advanced countries, the healthcare provided is excellent. There are many top notch hospitals around the country and medical clinics in virtually every town. This makes preventative care much easier for Costa Ricans, which leads to the lowest infant mortality rates in the, world, and many 'blue zones' around the country where life expectancy is off the chart when compared to other nations. But on average, the average life span for the typical Costa Rican is 82 years. This speaks volumes about the quality of the public and private health care system. The area has recently become a mecca for cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery, because of first class results and very low costs. Most doctors have been trained in North America and speak English, but price their services for the local economy.

A World Wide Brand

For all reasons listed above, migrations of people from around the world have settled  in Costa Rica over the years, many of which are English, French, German, Asian and Italian. Since the 90's, the nation has become a favorite retirement haven for foreigners, specifically North Americans and Europeans. Resident status is readily attainable and ownership of property is safe and secure, much like in the United States.

Above all, Costa Rica is safe and friendly. Beyond its political stability and pacifism, the nation is internally peaceful as evidenced by the beautiful people. While crime is a fact of life in virtually every country, violent crime is rare in Costa Rica. Crimes of convenience are more the norm like smash and grabs and garage pilfering or purse snatching. For this reason, visitors must be aware in crowded areas like San Jose, the capitol with a populations of 1,500,000. Hot spot tourist towns are also a popular target for thieves, but at the end of the day, it's still safer to walk the streets of San Jose than any other city of comparable size in the United States.

It is also cultured and clean, with hundreds of local parks, social services and meeting places and athletic facilities for the use of the citizens, And you'll find a disproportionate number of fine theaters, museums, art galleries and international restaurants when you consider Costa Rica's diminutive size.

Natural Beauty in Every Respect

The country and the people have maintained a sense innocence that has been lost in most developed countries. As you drive through the Central Valley, home to San Jose, the capital, you are surrounded by magnificent vistas in all directions. The Valley is some 1,200 meters above sea level (4,000 feet) producing year-round, spring-like climate throughout the year. The valley is 90 kilometers long by 40 kilometers wide and is home to 60% of the country's five million inhabitants. From the Central Valley you can reach the Caribbean or Pacific coasts in just under two hours drive time, or 25 minutes by air. Within the valley itself, there are dozens of varying eco-zones and temperate-zones. So no matter what type of climate suits you best, you can find it in Costa Rica.

The Business Climate is Good Too

Costa Rica also offers an excellent business climate for those wishing to take advantage of the many opportunities available. Very affordable, qualified, educated, English speaking labor is readily available in Costa Rica , which is a key factor in the decision of Intel to build their most sophisticated chip plant in the Central Valley. What this means to you is that there is a talented readily available cheap source of labor for whatever project or venture you have in mind. Under most circumstances, this can mean substantial tax savings for North Americans, and a real way to create and maintain wealth while living in paradise, yet still close to home.

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