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Our Commitment to Excellence

Overseas Realty, a beacon in Sarasota's real estate landscape, has been excelling in property management and real estate investment since the early '80s. Our success is built on a foundation of trust, efficient property management, and a deep understanding of market dynamics.

Our personalized approach and commitment to building lasting relationships have made us a trusted partner for property investors and homeowners. We leverage our local knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional results in Sarasota, Manatee counties, and Costa Rica.

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Our Strategic Approach to Real Estate

Overseas Realty's strategic approach in real estate and property management is marked by our innovative and client-centric solutions. We understand the nuances of the Sarasota and Costa Rica markets, tailoring our services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

  • ☑ Skilled in navigating diverse markets
  • ☑ Focused on sustainable property investment
  • ☑ Proficient in community and association management
  • ☑ Excellence in vacation rental experiences
  • ☑ Pioneering in customer satisfaction
  • ☑ Agile and responsive management services
  • ☑ Harnessing technology for optimal results

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Why Choose Overseas Realty

Global Real Estate Expertise

Extensive experience in international markets, specializing in both local and foreign real estate investments.

Comprehensive Property Management

Professional and efficient management of residential properties, ensuring peace of mind for property owners.

Dedicated Community Association Management

Expertise in managing homeowner associations, focusing on community well-being and property value enhancement.

Personalized Investment Strategies

Customized advice and strategies for real estate investment, catering to individual goals and market trends.

Innovative Marketing Techniques

Advanced marketing approaches to ensure maximum visibility and swift property transactions.

Exceptional Vacation Rental Management

Efficient management of vacation rentals, maximizing occupancy and providing guests with memorable experiences.

Overseas Realty Services

At Overseas Realty, we blend our rich history with modern innovation to offer unparalleled real estate and property management services. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to our clients' success defines every aspect of our business. Experience the Overseas Realty difference and embark on a seamless real estate journey with us.

They Said It Best: Why Our Clients Trust Overseas Realty

"Working with Overseas Realty on our property investment in Sarasota was an exceptional experience. Their expertise and personalized service made all the difference!"
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John and Lisa Thompson

"The property management team at Overseas Realty is outstanding. They handle everything with such professionalism - it's truly stress-free!"
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Emma Rodriguez

Property Owner

Your Key to Premier Real Estate Investment Opportunities

We at Overseas Realty International give you global access to the most desired retirement hotspots, vacation destinations and real estate investment markets in Florida USA, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. Our customer service is tailored to your cultural and native language needs and investment goals. This enables for the optimal ambiance with a clear vision and communication from the start on.

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