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Over 30 years experience in Property Management here in Sarasota and abroad. A brief history of the company and it roots along with a summary of the individuals who work hard to at Overseas to provide superior customer service to anyone interested in purchasing, renting, investing or retirement in Sarasota.
About Us

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The Overseas Team

From the early 80's until now, the Overseas team is dedicated to providing the ultimate customer service experience for anyone interested in real estate here in Sarasota or abroad in tropical places like Costa Rica. Overseas Realty Inc. is one of Sarasota's most established real estate companies with a long history of superior customer service!

About us:

Fritz Mayr, owner and president

Already in 1968/69 Mr. Fritz Mayr spent quite a long time in Sarasota, Florida – USA. That's how far the roots of The Overseas-Group go back. He was always interested in the situation of Florida-Real-Estate.

In 1980 he went back to Sarasota and got his Real-Estate-License to become active in the market of Real Estate in Florida. Fritz Mayr was always motivated to achieve the highest level of education in order to serve his customers. That's why he attended many seminars, schools, topped with the completion of a three year Harvard Business School program for invited business leaders in 1994 in Cambridge, Mass., USA. Also, in the following years, he has continued to deepen his knowledge of the economic relationships within the international Real Estate market.
It took several years to earn confidence from his clients. Today many of our clients buy again (one already has 11 investment-homes), or recommend us to others.
The Overseas Group received a great boost when Fritz Mayr's son, Chris Mayr, entered the Real Estate business in 1998. Through his dissertation in 1997, " Real Estate Investments in Florida," The Overseas Group is now more able than ever to offer it's investors exellent advice and services.


President and owner of the four entities of the Overseas Group is Fritz Mayr, licensed Florida Real Estate broker. The membership in the Board of Realtors allows access to any kind of real estate property currently offered in the local market.

The Real Estate firm OVERSEAS REALTY, INC. was founded in 1982. Its activities quickly expanded into the development and sale of lots, condominiums, houses and commercial properties.

Today, Overseas Realty, Inc. specializes in residential investment homes, while still rendering excellent service in the general Real Estate market.  We are also active in representing our clients in buying and selling new and pre-owned residential or commercial properties, including lots.

OVERSEAS HOMES, INC., the builder, provides the highest quality community type homes which can be customized to suit every interest. Those designed for investment are constantly upgraded to comply with the latest building codes and the demands of the marketplace to enable lasting and profitable leasing. Solid homes, built according to the latest Hurricane Protection Code, guarantee high quality construction.

Professional leasing and management of the investment properties in Sarasota are the core activities of OVERSEAS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INC. (OPM). With the investor being absent, for greatest profitability, it is highly recommended that the property is professionally managed on-site.

Today, OPM is entrusted by more than 150 investor clients with the management of appr. 300 properties. On average, each investor owns two properties - this demonstrates the quality of this investment and services.

To assist clients with their travel and reservation needs, Fritz Mayr established OVERSEAS TRAVEL of Sarasota, INC. in 1985. In 1998 he reduced the full service travel agency to hotel arrangements in Sarasota, cruises and group tours.

Therefore you have a partner who does everything from land development, building new homes, selling and managing Real Estate. Most important in this chain is the property management, especially for investment customers.



Overseas Realty and Property Management was founded over 30 years ago and provide residential property investors, both local and abroad, customized property management services for their commercial and residential income producing properties. Even if you do not yeat have your property portfolio built up in Manatee or Sarasota counties Overseas Realty can also help you with this. Each property is unique and each owner has distinct requirements or levels of participation wanted, Overseas can create a personalized management solution just for you.  At Overseas Property Management our business was built on several integral characteristics that guarantees an top notch experience with us.


Overseas Realty and Property Management has been around for over 30 years and outlived many of its competitors and even the financial crisis because it is SOLID. There is a very specific method to the madness that can exist when managing properties. To outlast and continue being successful requires that our owners are 100% satisfied. The secret is taking care of the condition of the asset and having almost bullet proof systems in place to make sure the properties are properly managed like a hawk, rented for as long and as frequently as possible, with high quality stable tenants,  kept cleaned, grounds maintained,and all services kept up to date. 


At Overseas Realty and Property Management we have found the balance for both owners and tenants on customer satisfaction.  We have dominate the equation of out how to protect owners while simultaneously keeping tenants quite satisfied in properties that are well maintained. Overseas Realty and Property management is not a chain or a large scale company where you are just an address. Here people still matter! Even though it would be easier for us to only use computers and answering services to tend to our clients we are old school here. We enjoy speaking to our clients and making sure their questions can be answered by us in a timely matter. By answering as many calls as we can personally we save time and avoid confusion.


At Overseas Realty and Property Management we have a system that works almost flawlessly. This does not mean we are not always striving to adopt new techniques to improve our service to owners and tenants. This allows Overseas a competitive advantage over other less established agencies or fly by night rental company. Overseas agents treat the homes as if they were their own to hold or improve the value on your real estate investments.  The experience, knowledge, and resources allow Overseas to implement improvements have lowered overhead costs and keep more money in the owner's pockets.


Having the correct timing and the right online outlets for the rentals plus sticking a sign in the yard has made it possible the right market to successfully capture more qualified tenants in less time. Our proven track record and superior marketing techniques allow for much lower vacany rates as well as more quality tenants who plan to stay for us to choose from a vast number of qualified tenants.  Through our community involvement and industry networking efforts, we continuously seek the best potential tenants so we can quickly fill available rentals and maintain high occupancy rates.


Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Sarasota on the right on the corner of Orange and Mound just across the way from the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, our offices are easily accessed and spotted. This central location makes it easy for our tenants to find us if they need. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are preferred since we are often running out and about servicing our many owners, tenants, and properties.


As new innovations come around to increase efficiency and and improve our day to day activities and economical alternatives to ensure your investment is yielding the largest return possible and remaining competitive in your market.  Our mission is to give the  highest level and quality services and keep up to date with the ever changing trends in the market and regarding the technologies that service our industry. 


With a fully professionally licensed staff and properly licensed and insured services providers. Overseas hand picks their workers based on experience, skills, reputation, and reliability we do not just hire "family or friends" as the majority of other management companies do. Overseas team members are decdicated to keeping informed, understand the needs of owners, residents, and condo/ home owners associations. Our team consists of professionals who are all actually owners themselves and know what it means to take care of personal or investment homes and tenant issues. This cuts down on the need for service calls as many times our agents can talk the tenants through many minor issues. Most team members were born and raised in the area or have lived here for years and have the knowlegde and vision to help you make smart investment choices and guide you in ideal rental market rates.
BUILDING LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIPS. The only way to build the kinds of relationships we have been able to create over the years should not be a secret it is TRUST. Our business is based on YOU the owner. Overseas success is completely dependent on your success overall. We are not the company who will still charge you if your property is vacant or try and include hidden fees. Honesty is a cornerstone in our business and we believe in transparency. We appreciate the risk investors take in purchasing any property and help to alleviate any issues or concerns which could arise in this experience so you may be at ease while we work hard to nurture and care for your investment. We are in it for the long haul with you, your boat is our boat, and your home is our home to take care of.  Often Overseas agents ask "what would I really do if this were my personal home or if this was my renter to be sure they are making solid choices. Additionally, they respect the legality of all situations to avoid any legal backlash for owners. At Overseas we understand you have a choice and there are many options available in the market; however, at the same time we hope you evaluate each of the possibilities, and actually compare apples to apples.
For more information or a free consultation call 941-923-4377.

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Contact Information

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