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About Us

A brief history of the company and it roots along with a summary of the individuals who work hard to at Overseas to provide superior customer service to anyone interested in purchasing or renting in Sarasota.
About Us

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The Overseas Team

From the early 80's until now, the Overseas team is dedicated to providing the ultimate customer service experience for anyone interested in real estate here in Sarasota or abroad in tropical places like Costa Rica.
About us:

Fritz Mayr, owner and president

Already in 1968/69 Mr. Fritz Mayr spent quite a long time in Sarasota, Florida – USA. That's how far the roots of The Overseas-Group go back. He was always interested in the situation of Florida-Real-Estate.

In 1980 he went back to Sarasota and got his Real-Estate-License to become active in the market of Real Estate in Florida. Fritz Mayr was always motivated to achieve the highest level of education in order to serve his customers. That's why he attended many seminars, schools, topped with the completion of a three year Harvard Business School program for invited business leaders in 1994 in Cambridge, Mass., USA. Also, in the following years, he has continued to deepen his knowledge of the economic relationships within the international Real Estate market.
It took several years to earn confidence from his clients. Today many of our clients buy again (one already has 11 investment-homes), or recommend us to others.
The Overseas Group received a great boost when Fritz Mayr's son, Chris Mayr, entered the Real Estate business in 1998. Through his dissertation in 1997, " Real Estate Investments in Florida," The Overseas Group is now more able than ever to offer it's investors exellent advice and services.


Introducing the OVERSEAS Group

President and owner of the four entities of the Overseas Group is Fritz Mayr, licensed Florida Real Estate broker. The membership in the Board of Realtors allows access to any kind of real estate property currently offered in the local market.

The Real Estate firm OVERSEAS REALTY, INC. was founded in 1982. Its activities quickly expanded into the development and sale of lots, condominiums, houses and commercial properties.

Today, Overseas Realty, Inc. specializes in residential investment homes, while still rendering excellent service in the general Real Estate market.  We are also active in representing our clients in buying and selling new and pre-owned residential or commercial properties, including lots.

OVERSEAS HOMES, INC., the builder, provides the highest quality community type homes which can be customized to suit every interest. Those designed for investment are constantly upgraded to comply with the latest building codes and the demands of the marketplace to enable lasting and profitable leasing. Solid homes, built according to the latest Hurricane Protection Code, guarantee high quality construction.

Professional leasing and management of the investment properties in Sarasota are the core activities of OVERSEAS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INC. (OPM). With the investor being absent, for greatest profitability, it is highly recommended that the property is professionally managed on-site.

Today, OPM is entrusted by more than 150 investor clients with the management of appr. 300 properties. On average, each investor owns two properties - this demonstrates the quality of this investment and services.

To assist clients with their travel and reservation needs, Fritz Mayr established OVERSEAS TRAVEL of Sarasota, INC. in 1985. In 1998 he reduced the full service travel agency to hotel arrangements in Sarasota, cruises and group tours.

Therefore you have a partner who does everything from land development, building new homes, selling and managing Real Estate. Most important in this chain is the property management, especially for investment customers.


Contact Information

Contact Information

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